Intro Crew

I am Anne Schmeckies, the founder of this project. I studied politics, micro- and macroeconomics at the University of Bremen. Our project gives a glimpse of a gathering as a universal family and a new era of interconnectedness. Let’s come together and build communities to transform our world. It’s time to move away from hierarchical power structures. Everybody on this planet can be open to new modes of energy and awareness.

My Name is Bogna Grażyna Jaroslawski, I’m a stage, costume designer and dramaturg for theatre and opera. In collaboration with the local community I’m planning as a stage designer a spatial installation about „urban interweaving cultures“. The Project is inspired by #11 from the Agenda 2030 „Sustainable Cities and Communities“. The focus is on people and their stories, everything counts…

My name is Mariama Ceesay and I’m a German singer-songwriter. I’m happy to have the chance to be getting inspired by new experiences we’re going to make during this exchange. I am honored to take part in this project on two continents with my creative skills. By delighting people with creativity, we are creating attention. We want to make people aware of the aims of AGENDA2030 and motivate them to become an active part.

My name is Tina Rusin from Bremerhaven. I am in training to be a professional dancer. Goal 11 by Agenda 2030 inspires me to be a part of the project “Art & culture make the world go around”. For me Transformation is a word with many backgrounds. As a dancer I have to train every single day to get better and to transform in my body movements, coordination and control. I want to improve step by step. Let’s make the world go around and transform! Each on teach One!

My name is Shameelah “ShamiShamRock” Kinnear, a dancer/creative from Cape Town. I have personally experienced the change that arts bring about. Dance, Art, Music – anything creative and out of the “norm” catches the human eye, because it goes outside of the ideas and boundaries that modern society creates, it challenges, and that’s exactly why the and goal 11 is something to talk about. Something that will make people sit up and listen. The message of sustainability is worth,  and I cant wait to carry the message to the ones who need it most.

I am Tracy Lee Thomas, a Lyricist, Rapper, Poet, Dancer, Actress. An all round Artist wrapped up in an little 1.58m package. Life has never been easy for me, but rather than allow my obstacles to become a stumbling block on my path I drew from those and other experiences to fuel my art and drive me. I am sincerely honoured to have been selected to be a part of this initiate of the UN and our joint countries. I believe our art is not solely for ourselves, but rather carries with it a greater purpose and responsibility.  May we utilize our Art to bring about creative and positive change and transformation.

My name is Andiswa Mkosi. I am a South African musician based in Cape Town. I am thrilled and excited by the opportunity to be part of the ADENDA 2030 program. It will afford me with new opportunities and experiences to further my work in spreading in connecting through music. I hope to be able to take the wealth of knowledge I will gain from the exchange to my community and uplift and inspire them to become active citizens.

I am Daniel Schuster aka Daschu from South Germany. I love to create art for people, to change public spaces in a positive way and to give people a voice. I’m excited to work together with people, to inspire people and create lasting awareness for a positive district development in Capetown-Woodstock and in Bremerhaven-Goethequartier. The collaboration with local artists from South Africa and with the residents is of huge importance.

My name is Sipho “Kotobason” Ndebele and I am a poet from Capetown, South Africa. My aim is to use my art to bring about a positive change in all and everything that I interact with. In keeping with Agenda 2030 I am excited to be part of this project to create sustainable communities in Cape Town and Bremerhaven. Poetry is a catalyst for change, a means to engage individuals and this is my passion. I am excited to be working with other like minded artists and people.

My name is David Kotowski and I live in Bremerhaven, Germany. I am a German photographer & fashion designer with polish roots.
I want to capture the moments of this amazing project through the camera lens as good as possible.  I am very motivated to support especially one of the goals of the agenda 2030 – to create equality between all human beings. At the end of the day we are all members of the worlds family and should have the same value.

My name is Ricardo Nunes aka DJ Azuhl. As a creative I’m excited to constantly learn and improve myself artistically, creatively and this project allows me to do that with like minded individuals. As director of HHESA it has been a blessings to have a 10 year partnership with EachOneTeachOne and carry out various projects that developed participants on various levels. The issue of sustainablity is something we all can relate to on this project and my hope is that we can learn, pool resources together and make this project a long term success.

My name Brandon Petersen aka Bboy The Curse. Born and bred in Cape Town, South Africa. Full time entertainer / breakdancer with a mission to inspire and empower others with and through my art. I hope and know this project will set the platform where I can engage with more individuals and groups to share my life changing experiences. WE WILL MAKE A CHANGE!

Coopted Supporters

Building and improving sustainable cities and communities  is the aim that I am supporting in this initiative. My name is Ann-Cathrin Scheider. I am an entrepreneur and a coach for private and business improvements. Nobody of us can change everything at once, but each of us can start positive change in our own environment.

I’m Elvina ‘VEE’ Da Silva from Cape Town, South Africa. I own a Hip Hop dance school for Children. I ❤ working with Kids and informing them about dance education. Learning body movement, self awareness, performance, confidence, respecting yourself and others and learning to work together to make things work.

My name is Esther Msosa Künning. I come from Malawi and I live in Observatory Capetown in South Africa. I love being with our lovely sisters and brothers in CapeTown’s streets. Listening and talking to them shows them that they are part of the community and loved by other people. Their stories are an inspiration for taking action.

I am Nathalie Ziju and I am a social worker from Biberach, South Germany. My aim is to improve and strenghten the view on human rights. I am looking forward to working together with our big team in Capetown-Woodstock and in Bremerhaven-Goethequartier to contribute to  a sustainable district development & meet local people.

My name is Nadine Matthews. Singer/Songwriter from Cape Town, South Africa. I am passionate about self development, learning and collaborating. It is a pleasure for me to encourage these things through music. I also have a passion for travel and technology which is perfectly suited to my role as an IT systems trainer. I am excited to be part of this initiative as a creative and tech lover. I look forward to learning & growing through the experience in order to share it with others.

My name is Chris Phax Künning aka DJ Phax Mulder. As a DJ & Producer I am specialized in HipHop, electronic HipHop, Old- and Newschool Breakz. I was born in Bremerhaven and am based in Berlin. Being a member of the EachOneTeachOne Crew, I have been  involved in projects in Cape Town for over 10 years. Sustainability means to come back. A sustainable future for all is based on human dignity and social inclusion.

For me it is important to use art to share positive ideas with people. By doing so, we can work towards achieving the 17 goals of AGENDA 2030, and ultimately contribute to a positive, sustainable future.
My name is Roger Williams and I’m a multi-disciplined artist from Cape Town, South Africa. Our collaborative project is the perfect opportunity to combine our artistic skills for this important cause.

DJ KAOZ aka. Mario Schoppe. Born, raised and still living in Bremerhaven-Lehe.  HipHop Artist, Dj, Musicproducer,Mix & Mastering Engineer. Started as a Dj in 1989, founding member of the HipHop Crew „No Remorze“ & co-owner of „Sicknoize Records“. Today, I am teaching Kids how to make a radioshow at a public radiostation in my city. My goal in live is to be a part of the HipHop culture, give something back to the community, and to evolve my craft till I pass away.

My name is Tyrone Da Silva, aka. DJ Eazy, a radio producer and DJ from Cape Town. I am 1 of the founding members of Hip Hop Education South Africa and have been involved in working with youth at risk for over 20 years. As an organisation, HHESA  facilitates various workshops and provides access to opportunities for South African youth who wish to create and inspire others, using creative arts and media. HHESA has worked alongside EachOneTeachOne on a number of exciting programmes and we are delighted to continue this synergy to achieve the goals of Agenda2030. Sustainability is a major part of how we’re working together to transform the earth.

My Name is Alessandro Mazzola aka Barbarossa. I am born in the South of Germany and based in Vienna. As a Skateboarder and Music Lover (DJ) i´ve always been surrounded by creative and passionate people, motivated to realise ideas. Connecting with people all over the world, spreading love, exchange ideas and work on them together will make a difference. Because of this reason, I am really excited about being part of the AGENDA 2030: Art & Culture make the World go around project and will put in all my passion focussing on aim #11. Really excited to meet creative people  and work together on ideas, creating sustainable communities! LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL

Maninho is the name but on stage they call me Shack or Mr. Shack. Orginally from Mozambique but spent most of my life in South Africa making music, got exposed to the street life in Cape Town as Shack. I use music to heal my past and stay positive with changes I wish to see in life. My music makes you dance and brings happiness because all we need is to stay positive and be happy. I no longer pay attention to the struggle. I sing and dance my struggle away. Shack is the future. Small things change big things!

My name is Moritz Pan Schmeckies and I studied Ethnology und Philosophy at the Georg August Universität Göttingen. Now I’m the coordinator of the Creative House Goethe 45 in Lehe, a quarter in the city of Bremerhaven. Come the year 2018, people from the creative branch are going to live and work there together and realise a number of projects in that part of town and beyond. Our goal is the creation of new spaces, an existence independent from the established boundaries as well as the development of potentials that are becoming ever more restricted by economics in the globalized age. Ever increasing rents in urban surroundings around the globe are making it difficult for people engaged in culture to implement their ideas, which are what makes the cities attractive, alive and interesting in the first place. Solving this contradiction as well as asking the question in which way culture, independent from institutions and government, can work in terms of shaping society, is an integral part of the Agenda 2030 and maybe one of the most urgent tasks of our time.

I am Marnie Knorr. I love to take people on imaginary voyages and to work with our collective creativity, solving problems together aiming for the common good and unity. My service in innovation management which I also use to enable that is called Oromoro. My hopes for the realization of the 17 SDGs are big: The wish that it will bring us to a next level of global consciousness and social interest. My ideals are to give more power to the voices of the people. As a community speaker in Lehe I formed the initiative Meergestrüpp which became an environmental activist group on the local level to prevent a natural habitat and allotment gardens from getting covered with buildings. I used to live in RSA and other countries for longer periods and love to connect to other cultures. Thank you so much for inviting me to officially join this network, after having supported 2030 projects in Goethe Quartier. Always respect nature, increase the peace, be open and dare to share authentic thoughts, one love <3

My name is Darnell, I’m a free artist. I would like to improve myself and utilize my talent and/or craft. The reason why I’m interested in the Agenda 2030 is because, since 2013 I am supporting the gallery “Goethe 45” in Lehe in Bremerhaven and I would like to help change the district for the better. I do this by artwork and painting with people. It all began with a simple drawing of car that my mom drew: A square with two drawn circles that acted as wheels. I was a five year old toddler, looking questionably at the crude drawing with dejection and disbelief poking in my heart. I looked outside of our apartment window and drew the car that I was observing- showed it to my mother.
I am an Asby, or a person who shares symptoms of Autism categorized as Asperger Syndrome. I never understood back then why it was that people were astounded by my innate talent as a youth who’d only lived five yearly cycles. Despite what people had said towards me and my pictures (may it be praise or insult) I drew for myself and blissfully arrogant of my ability- not acknowledging that it was anything special and that just anyone could do it. I drew only for myself and for my own enjoyment. *********TAB*********Now I see differently. Passion, what a marvelous word to describe one’s fervor and overwhelming emotions. When I draw someone who had asked to be drawn and present them with my drawing, I’d smile. Not only do I share joy or satisfaction to the person that I drew, but inconsequentially they share their satisfaction or joy back.
When I draw with someone the relationship gets interesting. They can be competitive and watch how either of them fall. One could be meek and marvel at the other one’s work. Both could be compatible, sharing thoughts, opinions, tips and improvements on the matter of each others’ creation. What matters is the relief and the gratification or fulfillment of their inspiration. Change comes with the individual first, then the society and reality that they are in. At the very least, I bring about change by drawing with you and sketching for you.

I am Sofia Schneider, a freelancing Designer. Since 2015 I am an active volunteer at the Gallery Goethe 45 and have the opportunity to contribute to the development of the community. I finance my life through different jobs. One of them is teaching creativity related subjects in a school. I agree with the core principles of the AGENDA2030 and believe that humans in cities need to find new ways of solidarity and community to prevent society from drifting into a parallel universe of apathy. For that reason I was also involved in the exchange between Kapstadt and Bremerhaven in August/September 2017. Art & Culture are wonderful means to create a change of mood.

My name is Ina Prasse and I study cultural sciences and Philosophy in Bremen, I live in Bremerhaven and am an active community member and use my skills for different projects. In the “Art & Culturre make the World go ’round” project, I especially appreciate the cooperation, the encounters, the exchange and the networking of people from different places, with one common goal: to make the world a little more beautiful and equal for everyone.

My name is Derya Saran. I finished an economic apprenticeship at the KLA Berufsbildende Schule für Wirtschaft und Verwaltung – an UNESCO School. Internationale and local Projects have always interested me. Therefore, I joined the community building efforts through art with and around the Gallery Goethe45 in Bremerhaven-Lehe. The Agenda 2030 with it’s 17 Goals for Sustainable Development fits into our turbulent times, to contribute to engagement of individuals to contribute to peaceful communities and life.  Bulding self-organized and active communites  brings stability into society. I actively partake in the Project „Art & culture make the world go round „ and furthermore have decided to study Cultural Sciences in the future.

I am Lea Zerbst and Bremerhaven is my hometown. My aim is that people in my surrounding live and work more with each other and not against each other. Therefore I created a coworking space in the Goethequartier in Bremerhaven – Lehe. Founders, Start-Ups, freelancers and interested people can work here next to each other and cooperate. Everyone is welcome here and can work on their projects without investing a lot of money and bureaucratic hurdles. Like this we create a space for free thinking and of community support in which resources are shared. The sustainability goal #11 of the AGENDA 2030 „Urban Community Development“ fits perfectly with my vision of a community based working space, which we aim to create.  

Mein Name ist Frauke Geppert und ich habe Geographie und Agrarwissenschaften studiert. Im Vordergrund meines Studiums standen sowohl soziologische, als auch ökologische Aspekte einer nachhaltigen Entwicklung. Wertvolle praktische Erfahrungen in diesen Bereichen habe ich in erster Linie während meiner Auslandsaufenthalte in Island und Peru erhalten. Die Augenblicke des Zusammentreffens während dieser Aufenthalte haben für mich so wertvolle und prägende Erfahrungen dargestellt, dass ich nach diesen Reisen ein weiteres Engagement im Bereich des kulturellen Austausches für sehr wichtig erachte. Das Mitwirken an diesem einzigartigen Projekt in Kapstadt, die Arbeit und die Begegnungen mit den Menschen dort, stellen eine wunderbare Möglichkeit dar, dieses Ziel weiter zu verfolgen und nachhaltige Veränderungen der örtlichen Bedingungen zu bewirken. Eine friedvolle Begegnung unterschiedlicher Kulturen und die gemeinsame Vision der Schaffung möglichst gleichgelagerter Lebensbedingungen für alle Menschen dieser Erde unabhängig von Herkunft und Geschlecht, stellt für mich eines der erstrebenswertesten Ziele unserer heutigen Gesellschaft dar. Ich bin sehr dankbar, Teil dieses wunderbaren Projektes gewesen sein zu können.