Cape Town-Woodstock, South Africa

Dancing Math Concept

Cape Town based Dreamer Education expands it’s maths concept for learners with HHESA‘s Brandon Petersen who’s part of the Agenda 2030: Art&culture make the world go ’round project. This should be in all schools worldwide…(06.08.2018)

Here it is Dreamers!!!The 6 STEP dance music video featuring Brandon Petersen. This is a dope teaching tool to help your child or students learn their multiples of six in a fun and effective way. You can dance and rap to this incredible visual and track. Also, if you dig this, you can get the full music album on Google Play, iTunes and Amazon under the name “Vanguard Multiple Motivation”. It covers multiples of 1 to 13 with a touch of inspiration. You wanna know more about our workshops and what we do? inbox us✌️

Gepostet von Dreamer Education am Montag, 6. August 2018


Level 4s enjoying a Leaders in Action day with Lead4Life. (01.08.2018)

Tea Dates with Andy

Check out Andy Mkosi’s who’s part of our 2030 projects new initiative. Andy developed a new radio format in capetown. See here the link to an article about her. (25.07.2018)

Lyrics of transformation

Sipho Kotobason Ndebele & Nadine Matthews showcased and shared their talents at Expression Session representing the Agenda 2030 team alongside other creatives with inspiring lyrics in line with our project mandate. (25.06.2018)

Sharing skills

Andy Mkosi sharing some skill sets and teaching youth @ProjectPlayground eGugulethu.(06.06.2018)

Establishing workout routine with students in Capetown

Creative movement with Shammy at B.E.S.T College. Next week we engage student for our winter scarf drive & we will also be checking who’s gonna be keen in our bonsai making workshop.(25.05.2018)

Game Changer ZeeLow for AGENDA2030

Studio session with HHESA 2nd place ‘Game Changer 2017’ winner, ZeeLow who’s also a co-opted member for Agenda 2030: Art&culture make the world go ’round project. HHESA currently busy with mini doccie on the ‘Game Changer’ project… (22.05.2018)

Dancing Morning Routine at B.E.S.T. College

This morning with Shammy representing HHESA 🇿🇦 at B.E.S.T Centre-Salt River continuing project mandates… we salute your efforts 👌🏿✊🏿(18.05.2018)

At Bush Radio

HHESA representer Shammy visited Bush Radio 89.5 FM today to talk about our winter scarf run in Cape Town 🇿🇦…get involved. (16.05.2018)

School Action at B.E.S.T College

Our project continues with full speed in Cape Town next week with school library run, creative writing workshops, dance workshops & documentary screening. (03.05.2018/20.06.2018)

Winter Warmer’s Campaign

Over this long weekend in Cape Town we are collecting wool for our next project as well as books for school library & sanitary towels for students at BEST College Woodstock.

Cape Town based Katalis Productions hosted their monthly event Northernlightshiphop & collected food stuff for less fortunate & also donated money to HHESA for the winter scarf project in May.

In July Welovehiphop in Cape Town 🇿🇦 came together with HHESA’s DJ EazyAzuhl to collect food & canned goods for the less fortunate.

Many thanks to all who contributed thus far we are buying materials next week & engaging BEST College students in Cape Town to help in this initiative after school holidays.(04.2018-08.2018)

Dancing for more conciousness

Shamielah Kinnear who is part of the Agenda2030 project last year has been teaching dancing every Friday 9am – 12am at BEST College since beginning of the school year as part of their Physical Education on a volunteer basis.

Wool for Good

Over the long weekend on 25th April in Cape Town we collected wool for our next project as well as books for school library & sanitary towels for students at BEST College Woodstock.

Doing Maths differently

Learning levels of freedom from Dreamer Education and HipHop Math teacher Kurt Minnear in Cape Town ZA. Vanguard multiples of 7: 7-14-21-28-35-42-49-56-63-70-77-84-91… Using visual arts, movement & music, rap in the dance to it and the beat goes worldwide on ….

Marry Academic thinking with the Arts

#HipHop Education South Africa has teamed with the non-profit Organisation Dreamer Education and with Youngblood Arts and Culture Development in Cape Town to showcase how music, dance and art can be used as a learning tool for teaching Mathematics in schools.


#Buitenkant # our homies # humanity ❣️Take your time to watch this beautiful movie.

Empowerment through Poetry

Sipho Kotobason Ndebele doing a workshop on poetry and self expression with the children of KwaFaku Reading Club in Crossroads, Cape Town…. #Agenda2030

The Power of Communities

#Muizenberg CT. A community celebration of locally produced and responsible products. Open village, open streets, open houses. Creating a more inclusive & sustainable neighborhood. Realize the power of art n’ culture.

BEST College fund raising Event

Along with other volunteers HHESA & Agenda 2030 team supported BEST College at their fund raising Event.

“What a fabulous day! Well done and thank you to everyone who made this day a success. To our community and friends who donated goods and food and their invaluable time, we are deeply grateful” said the deputy principal Desiree Da Silva.

HHESA workshops in full swing

HHESA – Hip Hop Education South Africa hosted open workshops for young people who want to develop and work on their talents. Each one teach one! #onelove

I met Poetry…

During our Capetown Crews visit to Bremerhaven, Germany in September for our Agenda 2030: Art&culture make the world go ’round missions, in between we filmed and created lovely content. With the help of David J. Jonas KotowskiLa Tina Rusin & Shameelah Kinnear Andy Mkosi & Sipho Kotobason Ndebele filmed this short thing for one of Sipho’s poems.

During our visit to Bremerhaven, Germany last month for our Agenda 2030: Art&culture make the world go 'round missions, in between we filmed and created lovely content. With the help of David J. Jonas Kotowski, La Tina Rusin & Shameelah Kinnear Andy Mkosi & I filmed this short thing for one of my poems.As a thank you for all your shares and views on the last video we are gifting you this.Enjoy and please leave your thoughts below in the comments section.

Posted by Sipho Kotobason Ndebele - Poet on Montag, 9. Oktober 2017

Zeitz MOCAA>Museum of Contemporary Art Africa>Cape Town> South Africa

Ex-PUMA-Chef Jochen Zeitz, hat mit dem Zeitz MOCAA > Museum of Contemporary Art Africa in Cape Town, sicherlich eines der schönsten Museen der Welt geschaffen. Das 1920 erbaute Getreidesilo, zieht seit der Eröffnung Ende September d.J. zahlreiche Besucher*innen aus der ganzen Welt an. Von der Kunst kann man fast alles lernen. Art & culture make the world go around.

From Cape Town to Bremerhaven. Welcome❤️

Dream big for the Agenda2030

We just had Dreamer Education with HHESA at B.E.S.T College talking about dreams and self development. Writing workshops continuing touching on @agenda 2030 principles

Sustainable Partnership with B.E.S.T. College in Capetown, Woodstock

The Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs, are a global framework to coordinate efforts around ending poverty and hunger, combating inequality and disease, and building a just and stable world. There are 17 GOALS IN ALL, and all 193 nations represented at the U. N. agreed to them. One goal — GOAL 11 — specifically aims to build cities that are “inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable.” But one way or another, all of the SDGs intersect with work going on in cities.


Best College prides itself as a school that not simply wants to exist, but would like to make a huge impact and a significant difference in the lives of our learners and our communities. Considering that we, welcome learners from all parts of the greater Cape Town and learners from other African countries, who resides in the metropole area, to a place of learning and opportunities. Equipping and empower them with knowledge that will afford them to pursue further studies. We as educators strive to respond to their needs to ensure that they are able to embrace the culture of learning and to “seize the day”, as our motto states.

On the 21 April 2017, we hosted some international visitors from Germany and local creative artist that conducted various workshops in Poetry, Art, Dance, DJ-workshop, Sculpting and Fashion. The focus of these artists was to promote the 2030 sustainable development goals. Since BEST College is already aligned with these goals it was a great collaboration. The learners participated in the workshops and learnt new skills that they could apply in their respective creative arts fields.  A range of poetry, fashion design, banners and dance movements were put together to demonstrate creativity and to promote the sustainable development goals. The day ended with a concert where learners could showcase their skills through the medium of creative arts.

One of our biggest achievements in Woodstock is our partnership with B.E.S.T. College. The agreement was sealed on the last evening before leaving Capetown with deputy principal Desiree Da Silva and senior teacher Allan Da Silva.


Since the transition to democracy in South Africa with the Nelson Mandela presidency in 1994, the term UBUNTU has become more widely known outside of Southern Africa, notably popularised to English-language readers by Desmond Tutu. Tutu was the chairman of the South African Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC), and many have argued that UBUNTU was a formative influence on the TRC. However, this view is challenged and contextualized by Christian B. N. Gade in A Discourse on African Philosophy: A New Perspective on UBUNTU and Transitional Justice in South Africa.

UBUNTU ist ein Wort aus dem südlichen Afrika und bedeutet achtsames Miteinander und gegenseitiger Respekt. Die Lebensphilosophie UBUNTU beruht auf Freundlichkeit, Großzügigkeit, Fürsorge und Mitgefühl. Das Wort ist Teil des Zulu-Ausdrucks “umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu” und resultiert auch aus den Bantu Sprachen. Die Bedeutung kann erfasst werden als: “Ein Mensch wird zum Menschen durch andere Menschen”. Diese Sichtweise unterscheidet sich vom individualistischen Denkansatz. Verglichen mit Rene’ Descartes Grundprinzip “Ich denke, also bin ich”, kann das UBUNTU Grundprinzip in etwa interpretiert werden als “Ich gehöre dazu, also bin ich” – womit das Individuum sofort in einen gemeinschaftlichen Kontext gestellt wird. Die Haltung des UBUNTU ist uns immer wieder am Western Cape begegnet. Diese Gruppensolidarität hat beim Aufbau der südafrikanischen Nation besondere Bedeutung erlangt. UBUNTU ist ein Schlüssel für das, was die Menschen mit ihren unterschiedlichen Volksgruppen anstreben, ein sozial völlig integriertes Land in aller Unterschiedlichkeit. UBUNTU, eine Kultur des lokalen und globalen Zusammenlebens. (03.07.2017)

Poetry by Sipho Kotobason Ndebele

I have always wondered

What it must be to raise children of your own
In a land that isn’t
I have never had the courage to ask my father this
Although in my quiet spaces
I have imagined how he would answer me
How he would be silent for a moment
Hold my gaze
And with a voice drawn from 62 years of breath
He would say
There is a handful of days I have spent in this temple
That have made all this worship tangible
Those days have all been tied to my children

“Make our planet great again”

Spend time with nature. Our sister Andy Mkosi and friends celebrating the environment around UCT Cape Town. (07.06.2017)

Where can we start?

“Art & Culture make the World go ’round” is a wonderful example of what can happen if we work together and make things happen. A fantastic energy comes to existence out of nowhere.

Let’s boost this energy and urge others to follow and take action to really change something.

For it is time for us to take care –
of our brothers and sisters inhabiting our planet, of the ground we walk on, of the air we breathe and of the water that runs through it’s beautiful veins.

There are a dozen scientific frameworks that aim to make visible the current situation of the earth, but many of them are incomplete.
The Business School Lausanne (BSL) in Switzerland has developed the Gapframe model to show in a very easy way what is really going on.

Having been a student at this progressive business school, I feel called to share this with you.

Check out the website and take a look at the current situation of your country.
What are the most pressing issues? How can you and I help to change it for the better?

#peace #love #agenda2030 #oneworld #sustainability #planet#globalcitizenship

Ann-Cathrin Scheider (01.06.2017)

 Actions speak louder than Words

We are not chit-chatting. We turn words into action. We are visualizing the 17 SDGs by Art, Design, Poetry, Turntablism, Mceeing, Bboying and African based dance  #Agenda 2030.(29.05.2017)

At home in Art & Culture

Unsere Tina ist von Beyonce’s Choreografin für ein Tanztraining in der Stadt der Engel ausgewählt worden. Interessant ist, dass “Millenium Dance Complex” unter dem Hashtag: #GoBigLA housing our homeless, ein großes Projekt gestartet hat, um die Situation von “homies” auf den Straßen von Los Angeles beenden zu helfen. Tina hat sich schnell und sowieso “at home” gefühlt. Ihr Wohnungsnachbar ist ebenfalls Tänzer, kommt aus Cape Town und ist ein Freund von Elvina Vee Da Silva und Shameelah Kinnear. YES. Art n’ culture make the world go ’round. (23.05.2017)

One World, One Love

Visualizing the 17 SDGs. Roger Williams made an after-movie of the art & culture projects done in Cape Town last month. Amazing things happened and as Anne Schmeckies said “In the future we won’t have the first, the second and the third world. Only one World and one Love”. (22.05.2017)


# Mr. Shack # Khayelitsha # Nomonde ist ein Hit in den Kapstädter Townships. Auch das ist Nachhaltigkeit: wir, die EachOneTeachOne Crw kennen Mr. Shack ( Shack steht in etwa für Baracken) seit seinem 16ten Lebensjahr. Wir begleiten ihn seitdem und er begleitet uns. Maninho hat als Kind auf den Straßen Kapstadts gelebt. Unser homie hat später eine Dach über dem Kopf im Beth Uriel Beth Uriel / Haus des Lichts in Salt River bekommen. Das hauseigene Mekasi Label Me’Kasi hat den männlichen Jugendlichen durch “learning by doing” eine coole Lebensaufgabe gegeben. Art beatz crime! Wir durften Mr. Shack bei seiner Ausbildung zum Tontechniker unterstützen. Nun hat er ein kleines Shack Studio in Khayelitsha/ neue Heimat und gibt sein Wissen dort an die Kinder weiter. Seine Philosophie: From nothing 2 something. Kleine Dinge können große Dinge erzielen. # Maninho Shack Diaz gehört zur Agenda 2030 Crw ZA-GE. We, the people. (14.05.2017)

Hier der Link zum Video:

Colors of our world

Philippi > Cape Town >South Africa….great session. Dany Daschu with Robane from Phillippi!
Many Colors One People #agenda2030 (24.04.2017)

Healing nature

#Agenda 2030 # Goal 3 > good health and well- being. Bounded to the north by the Karoo the Cape Floristic Region is recognized by the United Nations World Heritage Committee as “one of the richest areas for plants in the world”. Many traditional bush doctors are operating in the Cape Town area. The Rastafarian bush doctors through their appropriation of KhoiSan identity, having inherited and ancient healing tradition gleaned from Cape floral landscapes.Traditions and significant knowledge as well as contemporary dreams represent timelessness and the harmony of people on this planet.(23.04.2017)


Während der Kolonialzeit wurde die Stoffproduktion der afrikanischen Länder (Design/Beschaffenheit) nach Europa ausgelagert und damit das afrikanische know how entwendet. David hat in Khaeylitsha>Kapstadt nunmehr wieder in Südafrika produzierte Stoffe gekauft und in einem Workshop zusammen mit den students am B.E.S.T. College mit eigenen Entwürfen aus Deutschland/Polen kombiniert. #SouthNorth-dialogue by fashion #global Learning #Agenda 2030. (21.04.2017)

Global learning – Learning for one world


Sustainable partnership with B.E.S.T. College based in Woodstock/Cape Town. An independent school born in a shipping container 18 years before. Right now in a beautiful environment. B.E.S.T. College provides education to youngsters, who has fallen behind or battle to cop in the mainstream education system. # civil cociety #goal 4 < quality Education. Human Rights – Environment. Diversity – A challenge for democracy. #Agenda 2030 #17 SDGs & North-South in one world.(21.04.2017)

My City – Not my City

Workshops at B.E.S.T. College in Woodstock/Cape Town ZA. Very talented students not only in Mariamas and Andy’s workshop. # Goodwind  (21.04.2017)

One World

Cape Town flavour: fresh n’ positive. Recourse: humanity❤️. Human beings and rights in one world. Art&culture make the world go ’round. Hip Hop Education South Africa. EachOneTeachOne. Culture of peace. We, the people. #Agenda 2030 # 17 SDGs supporting ONE WORLD.  (14.04.2017-23.04.2017)

From Germany 2 South Africa

We, the people. Exhibition last saturday regarding agenda2030 goal 11 sustainable cities and communities, greatmore studios, woodstock capetown south africa, many colors one people and don’t forget the nature, peace. (29.04.2017)

Sharing Inspiration

Design Workshop @ B.E.S.T. College in Woodstock/Cape Town. Successful. Lovely learners. David. DIDALDI. Fashion cross over. Agenda 2030. A bridge to connect. (28.04.2017)

Affordable Housing Now

Cape Town Waterfront. Agenda 2030. 17 sustainable development goals all over the planet. (24.04.2017)

Indepedence at it’s best

Best students yesterday at B.E.S.T. College in Woodstock. The College sets out to get out learners back on track & to achieve the A.E.T. Level 4. Nice learners. We burn connected. # Agenda 2030 # Civil Society # Self-financed # Independent from Government # We the people (23.04.2017)


Ein Städtischer Bauernhof in Selbstorganisation mitten in Kapstadt. Die Regierung stellt das Land und Wasser seit Ende 2012 für die Community zur Verfügung. Oranjenzicht City Farm is a self-organized neighbourhood non-profit project. What a wonderful idea to rise local food, culture and community in Cape Town. We The People. (23.04.2017)

Paradise Mountain

Table Mountain National Park is home to at least 250 species of birds and is an integral part of the Cape Floristic Kingdom. It is one of the smallest but richest of the world’s six floral kingdoms. This compromises a treasure trove of 1.100 species of indigenous plants, of which a number are endemic. It encompasses 7.750 hectares of rich and varied flora and fauna and it’s 40 kilometre coastline from west to east. It’ s a paradise with animals like herds of Zebra, Eland and other Antelops. A paradise and a park for all. (21.04.2017)


Visiting the Parliament Of The Republic Of South Africa in Cape Town. (20.04.2017)

Cultural Heritage

IZIKO South African National Gallery in Cape Town. IZIKO is an isiXhosa word, meaning ‘hearth’. Right now exhibition: Women’s work. (19.04.2017)

Art & Culture Perspectives in Cape Town

Zeitz MOOCA @ Waterfront Cape Town. This “unbelievable” will be home to artworks from all over Africa. From The 100 years old grain silo komplex to South Africa’s first contemporary art museum. Zeitz MOOCA wird den afrikanischen Kontinent weiter auf die Landkarte setzen. Eröffnung im September 2017. (19.04.2017)

Happy Easter

Frohe Ostern 2017 aus Kapstadt. Eine gemeinsame Welt in Freiheit, Gleichheit, Brüderlichkeit und Schwesterlichkeit.

# Art&culture make the world go ’round (16.04.2017)

Visualizing art ‘ n culture

From Bremerhaven> Goethequartier 2 Greatmore Studios Woodstock/ Cape Town. Fashion. Design. Art. Graffiti. African based dance. Bboying. Turntablism. Poetry. Mceeing. Visualizing art ‘ n culture. Agenda 2030. WE,THE PEOPLE.❤️ DIDALDI Fashion Show in Cape Town | During the Agenda 2030 Event – Woodstock | Model : Mariama Ceesay , @shamishamrock , @latina_rusin , @megan_saucy | Photo : Ference Isaacs Photography | #Fashion #fashionshow #southafrica#capetown #woodstock #agenda2030 #fashiondesigner #project #art #artist#creative #model (15.04.2017)

Fashion Connection

Khaelitsha. Fabrics. A bridge 2 connect. Cape Town – Woodstock Event | FASHION | @DIDALDI | #agenda2030 #capetown#southafrica #event #fashion #eachoneteachone (15.04.2017)

Show Time

Beautiful Event with beautiful people @ Greatmore Studios Woodstock/ Cape Town. We turn words into projects. Art n’ culture make the world go round”. Agenda 2030 > goal 11. Hip Hop Education South Africa. EachOneTeachOne. (15.04.2017)

EveryOne can have an impact

ROSA PARKS in a gold leaf frame @ Greatmore Studios Woodstock/Cape Town. We all have the potential to make out of the moments small things a big thing for our planet like Rosa Parks in Alabama. After the 1-year-busboykott 1955-1956 by the afro-american communities, everyBody now can ride on the front of a bus. #Agenda 2030 > goal 16 > Peace, Justice, And Strong Institutions (15.04.2017)

From Bremerhaven>Goethequartier 2 Cape Town>Woodstock

Exhibition regarding #agenda2030 @ #greatmorestudios in #woodstock #capetown#southafrica. focus on #goal11 sustainable cities and communities. #poccadaschu#daschu #daschu_art #signorebarbarossa #rogerwilliams#artandculturemaketheworldgoround #hiphopeducationsouthafrica#eachoneteachone #artexhibition #illustratetheworld #manycolorsonepeople @signore.barbarossa
Nahom, Naomi (humanity) and Kabri (nature). All are in a relation with each other and therefore are connected. God, humanity and nature. They always meet each other on the same Eye Level, no matter what colour your skin has, if it’s green, blue or pink, or how much you have, or not have, we are one humanity, the same children. Love one another as you love yourself. This is not another hippy message, I believe that if we realize that and make it actually happen, we can make a difference. Inspired by artist Chidi Kwubiri.

What’s to come

On Saturday 15 April 2017 creative cats from Germany and South Africa cross forces to highlight global sustainability across different fields and the goals set out to achieve it by the year 2030. Beautiful art, music, poetry, and dance will be performed. This is our 2D animated graphic to promote the event. Enjoy and read more about the project at
Music : ‘Fi Di Gals Dem’, performed Teba Shumba, produced by Grenville Williams and remixed by DJ Azuhl. (14.04.2017)


Kapstadt, Western Cape, South Africa ·

TAKE PART – ( Lyrics by Mariama Ceesay, Tracy Lee Thomas, Sipho Kotobason Ndebele) #Agenda 2030 # Goal 11#: Whose city is it ?

My city, my city, my voice
My city, my city, my choice
I can make a difference and you can too
Tryin’ to make a difference is what we should do yeah

Take a brick, take a brick, lay it down yeah
Take a brick, lay it down, build a town yeah

2. Verse:
Make big plans ‘cause magic happens when you’re not alone
Ideas always leave a track once they’re set in stone
And since we know it is a natural consequence
That our actions will somehow make a difference
Remember some random person put the first brick down
Move by move, hand in hand we take part in this town

Take a brick, take a brick, lay it down yeah (yeah we take part in this town)
Take a brick, lay it down, build a town yeah (We take part in this town)
Take a brick, take a brick, lay it down yeah (Let’s take part in this town)
Take a brick, lay it down, build a town yeah


Greatmore Studios>Woodstock>Cape Town. Preparing the Event 4 tomorrow. Welcome. Step by. (14.04.2017)

Time to Shine

For La Tina it is the first time ever in South Africa. For her working with the Girls from Cape Town was just incredible !! ❤️it’s time to shine tomorrow #project #agenda2030 #Dancer #dance#vibez #fun #choreographer #event #showcase #capetown #southafrica@shamishamrock @elvina_vee_ (14.04.2017)


Unser Projekt “Art&Culture make the world go ’round” durchläuft mehrere Phasen: Gestern waren wir in Woodstock und haben mit den “Brothers and Sisters on the streets” mit dem Projekt SMILE begonnen! Bogna Grażyna Victoria Jaroslawski will den inneren Prozess und die Kraft des Lachens einfangen und visualisieren… Less thinking, stop judging, keep on smiling. Das eingefangene Lachen wird in weiteren Etappen noch veredelt… Stay tuned! (14.04.2017)

In the Studio

#Khaelitsha # Shack Studio # Mr. Shack # Joy # Cape Town # South Africa (14.04.2017)

Fabrics of South Africa

# Cross over # South- African-One-World-Style. Work work work – looking for fabrics for new projects and shows @DIDALDI | #Work#Warm #CapeTown #Creative #southafrica #People #AGENDA2030 (13.04.2017)

Global Citizenship

Singen. Lachen. Weinen. Kommunizieren. Teilen. Geben. Zusammen Kunst machen. Gestern am späten Nachmittag mit unseren homies in Woodstock (13.04.2017)

What a beautiful Women!

Today we met this beautiful lady on the street. We were laughing , praying and singing together. #eachoneteachone.

Then our Crew member La Tina gave her a little present. The gift was the top she is wearing. The smile in her face and the tears in her eyes made us so happy because La Tina knew she needed it more than her. We have so much in life that we sometimes forget about the little things that make us happy ❤️ #project #agenda2030 #happiness

Art Exhibition & Event

Join us this Saturday as EachOneTeachOne & HHESA presents ‘Art & Culture make the world go Round,’ an exchange program between German and South African creatives. The project falls in line with the United Nation’s Agenda2030 sustainable goals supported by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development.

Besides an art exhibition the event features live music, dance, poetry and an exchange of ideas and creativity and attendance is FREE. (12.04.2017)

Die ganze Welt unter einem Firmament ❣️

Erste Begegnungen gestern mit unseren sisters&brothers in Woodstock. Gegen Abend kleine Session mit Xhosa Kindern aus Langa in Camps Bay.

# Agenda 2030 (11.04.2017)

The Adventure begins

From Bremer’haven’ via Frankfurt 2 Cape Town. One World – One Love. # Agenda 2030 (09.04.2017)

Gallery UU Cape Town

2night. Unknown Company. DJ Mafiana, Kapstadt South Africa. DJ Phax Mulder, Berlin Germany. Signore Barbarossa ( Vienna/Austria) – Needles on finest vinyl only. (06.04.2017)

Art & Culture make the World go ’round on the Radio

DJ AZUHL on #HashtagRadio talking about the HHESA/ EachOneTeachOne project (23.03.2017)

Breakdance Workshop

# Rhytm Factory Cape Town # B’girl VEE # B’boy BruDo #ESCAFLOW Crew Bremen# Hip Hop Education South Africa (03.03.2017)

The Capetonians

DJ Azuhl is involved with the exchange between South Africa & Germany that focuses on the sustainable development. A relationship with EachOneTeachOne that spans 10 years plus with the organization HHESA. It is heartfelt when your entrusted to oversee and manage things on this magnitude with DJ Eazy who is the backbone of this project. More information to follow on the South African contingent that’s part of the Agenda 2030 project with EachOneTeachOne: Stay tuned. (21.02.2017)

Music as a catalyst for change

# world radio day # 13.Februar 2017  # UNESCO # we the people # grassroot level or chief medium # spread informations about sustainable development goals # AGENDA 2030 # creativepeople # onlineradio # (13.02.2017)

Preserving Ecosystems

# Perfect terrestrial ecosystems > Kirstenbosh botanical garden Cape Town, Table Mountain CT and many more landscape in # AGENDA 2030 # goal15: protect, restore and promote sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystem, sustainably manage forest, combat desertification, and halt and reserve land depredation and halt biodiversity loss (11.02.2017)

Don’t call us street children

Wir/ die EachOneTeachOne Crew, haben Maninho Shack Diaz zusammen mit Masakane Mdende 2007 in Kapstadt kennengelernt, und sind seitdem verbunden. Maninho Diaz aka Mr. Shack gehört zur Crew des aktuellen EachOneTeachOne-Austauschprojektes mit der “Hip Hop Education South Africa”. Masakane und Maninho haben als Kinder auf Kapstadts Straßen gelebt. Als wir die Mcees kennengelernt haben, wohnten beide bereits mit 25 anderen Jugendlichen im “BETH URIEL: Haus des Lichts CT, um von dort aus zur Schule zu gehen und ihr Leben zu meistern. “Wir gehen diesen Weg weiter” ist ein Song, der nach wie vor für unsere nachhaltige Vernetzung von Nord nach Süd und zurück steht. Vocals& Lyrics by “Young So(u)ldiers” | Maninho Shack Diaz + Masakane Mdende | Sebastian Bosum für unser drittes EOTO-Musikalbum ” I have a dream – timeless arts”. Produziert von DJ Phax Mulder & dedicated to Martin Luther King and Kabbo – a man called dream, an important KhoiSan leader with high spiritual power and believes. In Cape Town wird Maninho mit seinem Shack Records im April 17 mit allen Beteiligten einen neuen Song produzieren. # Wir gehen diesen Weg mit vielen anderen weiter… “Art& culture make the world go around # AGENDA 2030# 2017/2018 Umsetzung von Ziel 11 > nachhaltige Stadt(teile) in Bremerhaven Lehe – Goethequartier + Woodstock-Cape Town -South Africa. (29.01.2017)


Maybe consider to stop saying that people are living in Slums, in Ghettos and so on. People are living in communities. They can gather in communities and build visions and work on it together. ❤️ (06.01.2017)

Art & Culture make the world go around

# AGENDA 2030 # sustainable cities # 17 goals # leaving no one behind # together transforming our world # April 17 # from Bremerhaven 2 Cape Town # EachOneTeachOne (01. 01.2017)

Christmas 2016 with our sisters & brothers on the streets in Woodstock

What a Christmas in the Streets of Cape Town. Spending the best time with the most beautiful people in the whole world. It is about love nothing else…I love them in Jesus Name.Thank you Jesus and don’t forget my husband for making it more beautiful thank you love Chris Phax Künning with Grace Kay, Chimwemwe Msosa, Anne Schmeckies. (25.12.2016)